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  • Are We Living In A Simulation?

    This week we discuss the latest global escalation in war as Biden orders Americans to quit their jobs in the semiconductor sector in China as President Xi targets Taiwan for […]

  • ArriveCan’s $54 Million Price Tag: Why did it cost so much?!

    This week we discuss how a tech hackathon exposed how the ArriveCan app seemed to be nothing more than a money pit for government spending, a creative way to save […]

  • Did China just Invade Canada?

    As international tensions rise so does the increase of interesting stories coming to the shores of our country here in Canada. We chat about China operating 3 different police stations […]

  • World War 3 May Have Begun

    Big things have taken place this week! First we talk the clean up and rebuild post Hurricane Fiona hitting Atlantic Canada, and our government’s response to it. We address Italy […]